Crunchy Carrot & Warm Chicken Salad

Written by Gracie 

As it’s Halloween I thought I would share my orange bowl of goodness. It’s simple and quick to make, as well as nutritious. It’s extremely refreshing and the different textures of crunchy nuts to soft chicken makes it exciting.

The mixed seeds are high in iron, vitamin E, omega 3, which is great for boosting the immune system and giving you energy.

Carrots are full of vitamin A, which is great for the skin and helps slow down the ageing process. Vitamin A also helps the liver flush toxins out of the body. Carrots are also known to improve vision, reduce the risk of some cancers and lower cholesterol due to the high fibre content.


Ingredients for 1 person:                        

1 large organic carrot, grated

1 cooked chicken breast

2 tbsp mixed seeds (I used: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, golden linseed, hemp seeds and sesame seeds)


1.5 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1/2 tsp wholegrain mustard


In a mixing bowl add all the dressing ingredients and stir well. Once this is ready add the grated carrot and toss it together.

Once all the carrot is nicely covered in dressing place it in a new clean serving bowl and sprinkle over the mixed seeds.

Heat 1 tsp of olive oil in a frying pan. Slice your cooked chicken and depending on your taste generously sprinkle freshly cracked pepper over each slice. place the chicken pieces in the pan and heat it through so the pepper sticks.

Once the chicken is hot through place it around the carrot mix in a decorative way and serve immediately.get-attachment-1.aspx.png

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