Who are we?

We are two sisters from Bath who now live in London.
We love everything delicious; wine, chocolate, cheese and the odd takeaway pizza whilst not moving from the sofa all day.  However, like everyone out there we want to look like a Victoria Secrets model at the same time as holding down a full-time job, enjoying meals out with our boyfriends, cocktail nights with our friends and getting those exercise endorphins.
We are not saying we have the answer but over the years we have discovered and found ways of making small changes and been inspired by other health and lifestyle bloggers out there and want to share our discoveries with you.  Our mum is a yoga teacher who has always been interested in health and wellness (as well as trialling the odd fad diet) so naturally we have always been exposed to what’s good/bad for us, and how to get us out of those unhealthy ruts…..and how to get back on top when the reality of life gets you down.
Last October (our shared birthday month) from opposite sides of the world; one in cold and wet London in Autumn and the other in swelteringly hot Singapore, we decided to start writing this blog.
This October, we will be launching our Squirrel Snacks!  After trying to find bars on-the-go that taste good, aren’t full of rubbish and give you nutritional benefits we decided we were going to have to make our own!
These are going to be the most delicious whole food bars out there on the market.  They are gluten free, made with whole, high quality ingredients (i.e. no additives or refined sugars) and vegan.  Having already tested them on our friends and family we believe that you are going to LOVE them so keep following us for more information about the launch.
Our mission remains to make ‘healthy’ fun, easy and above all delicious and enriching, so we hope you like our blog (and our bars when they are ready!)
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  1. Hii!

    I really like your blog and that’s why I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:)

    Xx Lauren


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