Written by Gracie

A lot of woman worry about weight training because they think it will make them bulky. This is not the case. If you are looking to lose weight, then building muscle by weight and strength training is key. The best area to work for weight loss is the legs and buttocks because that’s where the largest muscle lives, the gluteus maximus

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  1. (comment from Sophie)
    I totally agree with this – I’ve recently started doing more resistance training recently with a Personal Trainer alongside bootcamps and I’ve noticed a difference, not only in my body but in my energy levels! Despite sometimes having to get up for these at 5.45am, I feel energised all day. I’ve recently been trying to drop a few ‘holiday pounds’ and have found that by doing more of this kind of exercise (rather than purely cardio and yoga which I still do, but combined with strength and resistance) I have found it easier to lose some weight.

    I have also been doing some home workouts given to me by my trainer, which I will post about soon 🙂


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