Home workout: Skipping and body resistance

Written by Sophie

About 2 months ago I started working out with a personal trainers (and two good girlfriends to keep me motivated when I felt like I was dying).  I have always enjoyed being healthy and trying to stay in shape but never had any interest in the hype around weights or HIIT, so I was surprised when I absolutely loved it!  I have found that my shape has improved a lot (particularly as more than a few ‘expat’ pounds have crept on since I moved over the playground of Singapore).

Anyway, for normal people like me a PT is a big expense so as much as I would love  3 sessions per week, I need to get on with some of my own workouts under Tsvety’s recommendation.

Here is the first one, terminology at the bottom…

Skipping and resistance home workout

Equipment needed: Skipping Rope, a step or small wall

Time taken to complete: 30- 45 minutes (depending how long you rest in between)

Warm up – 6 minutes skipping – (skipping for 50 secs, resting for 20)

Round 1: 50 seconds on, 20 seconds off

High leg plank + alternate between touching each shoulder with opposite hands

High leg planks + alternate between touching each knee to the opposite elbow


Round 2: 30 seconds on, 15 seconds off

4 minutes skipping (stick to 50 secs on, 20 off if you can)

Squat jumps onto a high surface

Single leg knee kicks using high surface (Do this for 30 seconds on each leg)

Side plank incorporating hip raises up and down

Round 3:

2 minutes skipping

Do this sequence twice for 50 seconds with 20 seconds break in between

Sit ups

Reverse table top hip raises using high surface

Reverse table top hip raises on single legs (25 seconds on each leg)

To finish: One full minute skipping.

You can combine this with any other workout or cardio.  I often do a 20 min/40 length swim after this which also helps to ease out my muscles so that they aren’t sore/achy the next day.



(let me know if there is anything that you want me to expand on, or if anything is unclear):

High leg plank = normal plank with your feet on a raised surface to make your core work harder

Burpees = not everyone’s favourite exercise but one that works everything!  And I promise you’ll feel good after.  Here is a good illustration of how to do these properly:



Squat Jumps onto high surface = normal squat jumps but up onto a step/surface, then step back down.  So jump up into a squat position on top of a step, then step each leg down safely.  Ideally you don’t want to be making a big thud when you land, using your core for control.  This can be easier said than done sometimes but it’ll mean you are engaging your muscles more.

Single Knee kicks on high surface = stand in front of your high surface with one foot on the surface.  When the timer starts, push through your leg on the surface (weight through the heel) and bring your other knee up to your chest.  Do this as quickly as you can for the time specified.  I always try to move my arms in sync with this one as it makes it a bit easier and distracts from any lactic acid build up.

Reverse Table Top = easier to illustrate with this example.  If you like, you can rest your shoulders on the high surface and use it as a hinge to lever yourself up and down:


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