Home workout: Cardio + Body resistance

Written by Sophie

This is one I did this morning and was relatively easy to do, didn’t need any equipment aside from an exercise bike at the start (but if you don’t have one then you can easily go for a run or any other kind of cardio).  A good pre-work Monday morning workout!

Cardio & Body resistance workout:

CARDIO – pick from the following:

Exercise Bike – 6km (should take you up to 20 mins)

Running – 20 seconds sprinting, 40 seconds jog (do this 20 times)

BODY RESISTANCE – do this routine at least 3 times:

10 push-ups

15 lunges on each leg

20 squats

10 V-up sit ups*

10 lateral lunges on each side, with a weight of some sort (you can use a 1L bottle of water if you don’t have any weights available to you)

20 Russian twists with weight (same as above)

(* V-sits ups – start lying down with arms stretched above you and legs straight and together, raise both legs and arms at the same time to create a v-shape and then go up to touch your feet with your hands.  When you come back down just keep your legs and arms raised over the flow, don’t bring them right back down to horizontal)

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