Udos Oil 6 Week Challenge

Written By Gracie



Udos have an option on their website to ‘challenge you to take Udo’s Oil every day for 6 weeks and NOT see and feel a difference!’

I decided to take the challenge on because I have used Udos oil quite a few times now and have always loved the results. Firstly, you should know that it is something you eat, it is not a moisturiser (although I’m sure it would do wonders used externally). You include the ultimate blend oil to your diet everyday for 6 weeks and wait to see what amazing effects it has on your body. Another great thing about Udos oil is that its fish-free making it suitable for vegans and vegetarians it’s also gluten-free and organic.

Udos Oil For Your Health:

Udos oil contains:

•    Flax seed oil
•    Sunflower seed oil
•    Sesame seed oil
•    Coconut oil
•    Evening primrose oil
•    Soy lecithin (GMO-free)
•    Rice bran and oat bran germ oils
•    Tocotrienol

All the above are vital for your health and wellbeing.

Udos states that their ultimate oil blend provides a premium natural source of unprocessed, undamaged Omega 3 and 6 in a ratio that supports optimum health. We need this because all our cells need protein, water, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids (EFAs) omega 3 and 6 to operate at their best. Udo highlights the lack of EFAs as one of today’s most important challenges to human health. The body cannot produce EFAs, so we must source them in foodstuffs and oils. However, our diets tend not to provide the right quantity or balance of essential fats required by the body. Most of the omega oils we obtain from our diets are damaged by food processing or by exposure to heat, light or oxygen, all of which degrade the nutritional value of omega 3 and 6.

Udos Oil For Your Skin:

The biggest difference I noticed from taking Udos oil everyday was my skin. Towards the end of the 6 weeks I was getting a lot of comments from people asking me what moisturiser I used, when actually it was the oil I was eating. My skin looks so much brighter and youthful. Not just my skin but my eyes too. You can tell a lot about someone’s health by their skin… Udos say our skin is a window to our dietary habits, which I completely agree with. It shows us what’s going on in our bodies. If your skin looks dry and tired then it probably means the rest of your body is lacking nutrients. In the famous words of Gillian McKeith “YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT”.

Udos’ mission is to give you beautiful skin from within. By taking Udos ultimate blend you are supplying your body with the correct fats – Omega 3 and 6, which allows your skin’s cell membranes to hold onto water. In this simple action the omega oils work as internal moisturisers.

Udos Oil For Sport/Fitness:

I love a good HITT (high intensity interval training) workout so to have healthy and well oiled cells and joints is very important for performance and recovery. Udos believe that including ultimate oil blend will help you maintain the optimum level of essential fatty acids as you push your body and it’s cells to perform, because good nutrition plays a key role in any sporting field.

How I Take/Use Udos Oil:

I actually like the taste of Udos oil. It pretty much tastes of flaxseeds but it’s the oily texture that can make it quite hard to swallow on its own.

If I am in a rush I will add a tbsp of the oil to some water, mix and then down it.

Below are a few pic of my favourite ways to use udos oil:

In my smoothie:


Drizzled over my porridge:



Drizzled over my salad as a dressing with a dash of balsamic vinegar:


Final Verdict:

I have tried Udos many times before but after taking the 6 week challenge I can reconfirm that I love it. It’s so convenient having all the omega and essential fatty acids that your body needs in one little bottle. I definitely noticed the difference it was making to my body internally and externally. The most noticeable difference was my skin and when people started commenting and asking me what I was doing differently to get my skin that ‘glowy’  it confirmed and made me appreciate the effectiveness of this ultimate oil even more. It tastes good and is well priced for what it is; you can get a 250ml bottle for £11.99 and a 500ml bottle for £21.99 and if you don’t like the idea of eating oil you can also get Udos capsules. I’m a big believer in ‘a healthy inside makes a healthy outside’  and for me Udos helps make this a reality.

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