The moans of a gluten-free eater

Written by Sophie

We recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post to shed some light on the frustrations and small glories that you feel when you have to follow a gluten-free lifestyle, so wanted to share it with you on our blog.  Please feel free to add any others that you feel in the comment box below!

Feel our Gluten-free Pain!

The gluten-free fad (or however you want to put it) has been the best and the worst thing for someone who can’t eat gluten.

It’s the best thing, because we can now buy gluten free bread and cake in certain shops!! But it’s the worst, because people think you’ve just jumped on the bandwagon of the latest craze. I personally can’t wait for the FODMAP diet to get more popular so that I can sit back and be the less ‘fussy’ one for once.

There are many frustrations, so I wanted to share a few diary moments so that you can sympathize with those of your friends who also stare longingly at the basket of freshly-baked bread during your next meal out.

Just because it’s gluten-free, it doesn’t mean we always want it
There are a lot of gluten-free dishes available nowadays, but personally I’ve never been a fan of pies or pasta, so just because there’s a gluten-free version on the menu, doesn’t necessarily mean I want to eat it! Especially as some gluten-free things contain a lot of rubbish ingredients that make you feel worse in other ways.

There’s A LOT of naturally gluten free food! 
Don’t feel too sorry for us… we still have plenty of choice; Potatoes, rice, pulses and many other things are naturally gluten-free and in my opinion more delicious. Just because something is ‘gluten-free’ doesn’t mean it’s any worse in flavor or quality (e.g. flourless brownies…SO much better!)

Potatoes DO NOT contain gluten
Having to explain what does and doesn’t have gluten in is the most boring conversation that we ever have to have!

The sinking feeling when someone suggests an Italian or Tapas and you have to pipe up or suffer in silence with the side salad
Oh god, the fear of ruining everyone else’s fun! Knowing that you’re options are very limited isn’t a great thing to look forward to, with the added stigma of avoiding the breaded mozerella sticks or not getting a pizza. Luckily in London there’s now a lot more choice, but there are still quite a few places that you can literally only get a side salad as a gluten-free option.

The joy we feel when the menu has GF written on it
Honestly, this is the best thing about the fad! Most of the time you don’t even have to mention that you can’t eat gluten because nowadays a lot of menus have the options there already.

When People Say It’s Just an Excuse
The most frustrating thing for a genuine gluten intolerant is when non-gluten intolerant people question whether it’s actually a ‘real’ thing or whether or not people use it as an excuse to eat less/avoid eating at all. I have heard people say on many occasions that they don’t believe gluten intolerance is a thing and that it’s just an excuse to be on a secret diet!

Overall, being gluten-intolerant isn’t the best thing
Gluten can add to a balanced diet and is a good source of protein for those who don’t have an intolerance or allergy…plus it is the base of many delicious foods, so please don’t judge us.

If you’d like to read the original article please follow this link:

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