Holiday Essentials

Written By Gracie 

It’s officially summer now and lots of you will be jetting off on adventures so here are my top holiday essentials that you may find useful. Click on the pictures to be taken to the specific websites.

1. Oliver Bonas Rose Gold Travel Wallet 

I love this because it is easy to carry around and has a lot of sections for you to store travel documents and money. I love the colour as well!


2. Eye Mask 

This eye mask is perfect for people travelling on long haul flights this summer. It’s full of lavender, which will help you drift off easily, despite being sat upright with little leg room (unless you’re lucky enough to be travelling upper class). It’s made with silk so it’s very gentle on your skin and you can pick from a wide range of lovely colours.


3. Dr Stuarts Blueberry and Acai Tea Sachets 

If you want something to make you feel refreshed and revitalised during your flight or to have just before you land then bring a couple of these individually wrapped tea bags. A box comes with 15 sachets so you can take as many as you feel necessary. Dr Stuart has a delicious range of flavours but this one is particularly good for a flight because it’s packed full of antioxidants.


4. Kiehls Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF 50

A two in one; moisturiser and SPF in the same bottle, saving you space and time! I love everything from Kiehls so when I heard about this I had to get it. It’s so important to protect your skin against the sun so I love that Kiehls have created such a high SPF moisturiser. It’s light weight and absorbs into your skin straight away.


5. Deliciously Ella’s ‘Peace, Love and Coconuts’ Tote

This is perfect as a beach bag. It fits your towel, sun cream and book and doesn’t get ruined if it gets wet.  There are 3 to choose from as well, so if you don’t like ‘coconuts’ written on your bag there are other options available.


6. John Masters Organics Sea Mist

This stuff gives you the perfect beach hair and it’s organic and cruelty-free! The natural sea salt adds texture and volume to your hair and the lavender protects it from sun damage.


7.  Rude Health Snacks

It’s worth bringing a few healthy snacks with you on holiday. Snacks are great to keep in your hotel room and also great on the flight because we all know how bad plane food is! I like to bring oatcakes with me because they are filling and nutritious. I also always bring healthy bars because they fit perfectly in a handbag or beach bag.

The-Beetroot-Website 4seed-Oaty-Website-680x816

8. Green People Organic LIfestyle After Sun- Travel Size

I love that this product is full of natural ingredients that will nourish your skin, not damage it with harsh chemicals. It’s travel size, so great if you don’t have much space in your suitcase. It has a cooling effect and can help reduce peeling from sun damage. It also helps prolong tan due to its hydrating effect.


9. REN Grab and Go Kit

This is perfect for travel as it has everything you need; shampoo, conditioner, lip balm, cleanser, eye cream, body wash, body lotion etc etc. Everything is under 100ml so it’s great if you’re only taking a carry on bag. REN is amazing because they use 100% plant and mineral derived actives and all their products are free from synthetic ingredients.


10. Pukka Clean Greens 20x4g Sachets 

Clean Greens is a blend of super-rich green foods containing grass juice, leaf, vegetables, seed sprouts, sea greens, freshwater plants and digestive herbs. Clean Greens naturally support the body’s ability to cope better with our polluted environment and supplement our diet. I love that you can buy this powder in portion sized sachets; easy to pack and travel with, easy to use and keeps your body healthy while you are away.

Pukka Clean Greens Sachet

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