Our September Favourites

Written By Gracie & Sophie

We are doing another joint monthly favourites for September because we have been loving the same things. As always click on the pictures if you want to be taken to the specific sites.

1) Let Them Eat 
This is such a gorgeous company based in Cornwall that makes gluten and dairy free produce using fresh vegetables like sweet potatoes, courgettes and butternut squash, with nothing artificial added. Their cakes are delicious and they have great selection of flavours, including ‘sweet Jaffa’, ‘Lemon Curd & Blueberry’, ‘Honey Pot’ and ‘Chocolate Torte’. These are the perfect alternative if you have food allergies, an intolerance, or simply want a really pure, indulgent treat without the guilt.

2) Lifebox subscription 
Lifebox is a monthly subscription that provides a convenient and affordable way to discover new and delicious wholefoods. You get sent a beautifully packaged box each month filled with healthy goodies that include the latest super health foods, clean eats and refreshments. All the goodies that Lifebox send are refined sugar free, organic, GMO free, raw, began, gluten-free, dairy-free, Wheat-free and have no preservative or additives. Lifebox has a range of 5 boxes to choose from to suit a variety of lifestyles and prices range from £19.95-£21.95 per month for adults and for children the boxes are £13.95. Our Squirrel bars will be making an appearance in these lovely boxes soon so that even more of a reason to sign up 🙂

3) TeaTonics
If you love tea then you need to try TeaTonics range. They have a great range of healthy teas, which are rich in flavour, full of micronutrients and antioxidants and have a positive effect on your mind and body. They deliver to your door and you can even set up a subscription with them to be sent tea monthly.

4) Lottie Murphy’s Youtube Account 
We have been following Lottie Murphy for a long time and absolutely love her blog, YouTube account and instagram. She is a very inspiring lady who is all about balance, positivity, and keeping it simple. Lottie is a pilates instructor but has a passion for health and wellbeing, which is documented on her social media accounts and blog. We have been loving her YouTube channel this month, which has a range of day to day tips on life as well as health inspiration and workout videos. Lottie has a real charisma and amazing positive attitude, which is contagious when you watch her videos.
Screen shot 2015-09-29 at 10.04.24

5) Botanic Lab ‘Kola’ Juice 
Botanic Lab have a delicious range of juices but our new favourite has to be the ‘kola’, which is incredible! All their juices are made from the purest organic ingredients, specially selected for their powerful health-giving properties. Each juice has a unique herbal formulae and they are cold pressed as well, which keeps all the ingredients nutritionally intact.
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